Spring Cleaning List



  • Organize closets-- swap out heavy winter clothing for lighter spring attire
  • Donate old clothes or those that you do not wear
  • Launder bedding and store heavy blankets
  • Deep clean surfaces
  • Organize small items

Laundry Room:

  • Clear and clean dryer vents
  • Clean inside washing machine and dryer
  • Wipe down iron
  • Organize shelving
  • Replace broken or missing hangers


Living Room:

  • Purge old magazines and newspapers
  • Wash throw blankets
  • Wipe down or dust all surfaces
  • Clean carpets and wipe down floor boards
  • Turn off pilot light to fire place

Porch and Patio:

  • Power wash surfaces
  • Check quality of boards
  • Wash and set up patio furniture-- wash cushion covers
  • De-grime window and porch screens
  • Plant flowers


A beautiful dish garden from our spring collection. It includes five, easy care, tropical plants accented with a little birdie.

When finished:

  • Relax!
  • Reward yourself with a plant for each room of the house to brighten up the area and remind yourself of the great work you've done!

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