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5 Ways to Make College Move-In Simple

 Arms filled with boxes, bags, and luggage.  Hearts filled with excitement and nerves.  Eager students and anxious parents.  New beginnings and bittersweet goodbyes.  It’s Move-In Week at the University of Iowa.


With student move-in right around the corner, we wanted to take the opportunity to welcome any new students, faculty, and community members that are joining the Hawkeye Family.  We also wanted to share a few tips that will lessen the stress of moving and make you feel at home in beautiful Iowa City!

Tip 1:  Make a list – Before packing anything, make a list of what you need to bring with you on your move.  This will help you stay organized and know what you have vs. what you need to buy new.

Tip 2:  Organize and label as you pack – Try to pack like-items together; bedding with bedding, bathroom with bathroom, clothing with clothing, etc.  Additionally, label your boxes with what is inside.  Doing both will make unpacking a breeze!

Tip 3:  Recruit help – Moving day is chaotic and exhausting.  Take some of the weight off your shoulders by enlisting a strong team to help.  Many hands really do make light work!

Tip 4:  Unpack essentials first – Although it is tempting to unbox your favorite candle, hang your new string lights, and display your special photos, this should wait until the end of your unpacking!  First, unpack things like dishware, bedding, and personal hygiene supplies.  These are things you need for survival, the rest can be done at a slower pace.

Tip 5:  Make a list of discovered needs – As you are unpacking, you are bound to find things you forgot to pack or did not realize you need (extra hangers, batteries, extension cords, etc.).  Make a list of these and when you are finished unpacking run to the store to pick up these finishing touches.

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