Pumpkin Passion: It's A Family Thing

Nothing says “Pumpkin Passion” like selling pumpkins that were grown and delivered by your own family.  This year, our store owner, Tamy, embraced her passion, and with the help of her father, brother, and nieces and nephews, will be featuring pumpkins grown on the Vorhes Family Heritage Farm, in her fall storefront display!


Tamy’s passion for pumpkins extends back to when she was young – for as long as she can remember, her mother grew beautiful pumpkins on their family farm.  Every year, Tamy and her siblings took a picture in the pumpkin patch, showing off their mom’s great crop!


Fast forward some years and the passion continues and even includes another generation!  Every year, after attending the pumpkin auction, Tamy’s family – father, siblings, in-laws, children, and nieces and nephews – travels nearly 3 hours from the farm to Iowa City to help her unload her pumpkins.  Thank goodness many hands make light work because there are about 1,500 to be unloaded at our store every October!

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This year, Tamy decided it was time to take the next steps in pursuing her pumpkin passion and knew that with the support of her family she could make pumpkin magic happen!  For months, her dad, brother, and nieces and nephews tended to the decades old pumpkin patch, just as her mom did when Tamy was a child.  Planting.  Watering.  Measuring.  Harvesting.  Cleaning.  The kids learned the value of hard work and setting long term goals as they watched their pumpkins grow and prepared them to sell at the store – they even hand-scrubbed each mini pumpkin with a toothbrush!

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Photo Credit: Tara Vorhes, In This Instance Photography

After months of hard work and dedication, the Vorhes family has provided a great selection of fabulous pumpkins.  Tamy is very excited to share a piece of her childhood with you and loves that she can offer customers a product that is not only local, but also grown with love!

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Stay on the look out for our next blog this month, which will cover pumpkin preservation and decoration!

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